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Business program wood
altIn the Wood business program we are dealing with wholesale trade in timber and timber products.
For our customers in Slovenia and the EU suppliers ae carefully chosen. Special emphasis is placed on organic farming and processing of wood, controlled origin of raw materials, quality, punctuality of deliveries and long-term cooperation.

The business of exports of cut (sawn) timber and elements (beech, oak, maple, cherry, chestnut, ash) where we are one of the largest exporters in Slovenia for demanding Italian market, where we have been present since the founding of the company. A significant proportion of the business is also the export of logs of various tree species on both the Italian and Austrian markets for the needs of their primary production:

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For the purposes of the final production we are suppliers of a wide variety of wood materials:
- Elements - wood decimation of seating and other massive furniture
- sliced and peeled veneer
- plywood (plywood)
- various semi-finished plywood (seats and backs for chairs, table tops, etc.)
- Length and width glued panels
- panels veneered with precious veneers

We also support quality carpenters, roofers and foremost manufacturers of wooden prefabricated houses. In our sales program are:
- Glued beams
- glued laminated wood BSH, KVH (level and bend)
- roof rails and boards
- planed moldings of different profiles
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